rose cut - black rutilated quartz 14mm

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  • pick your own gem!
  • 14mm  rose cut rutilated quartz
  • on our durable golden brown microcord
  • sterling or 14kt gold fill accent beads and 
  • spring ring clasp
  • length options

these are beautiful faceted organic shapes, each one unique! The clear quartz is mostly clear with minimal cloudiness. 

flanked by your choice of sterling of gold filled beads, on our signature golden brown bonded multi-filament cord which lets the gem appear to almost ''float'' on your neck, allowing the stone to take center stage

AND you get to pick the stone you want:) Although inclusions usually reduce the value of a gemstone, the rutilated quartz in fact is valued for its beauty and quality of inclusions. 


What is a rose cut? Originally developed in the 1500's to highlight gemstones which then, were mostly seen and worn in candlelight - they were round with a flat base and a faceted top rising to form an apex with 3 facets or more.  This created gems with more brilliance than seen before (though by todays faceting standards, it is comparatively less so). The rose cut is making a comeback, and expanded into different shapes as well.  With so many unique gems, the appeal of this vintage cut  is a wonderful and simple approach to appreciate the beauty of the stones.

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