The History of Cake from Los Angeles to Vermont CAKELOVE for 20% off your first order!

Celebrating 20 years!

2001 - Meike (that's me) + fishing tackle box, filled with random gemstones, pearls & silk cord.

2002 - A little booth with a table at the Melrose Flea Market.... Metalsmithing classes sparked more joy.

2003-2005 - Cuter booth at the Larchmont Farmers Market, many customers whom I still know today!

2004 - Air conditioning! The first store in West Hollywood opens in November, tucked in a courtyard across from the famed Urth Caffe.

2007 - A second location in Los Feliz, just around the corner from Fred 62.

2011- Relocated the business to Vermont, to be able to spend more time with the elders of my family.

2014 - Opened an arts & crafts gallery in Bennington, VT. yay! Building renovations 2017, closed. boo!

2020 Covid. Whew! What a year - prayers and hope for all to come through this healthy and safe! We are certified, there will be no cooties on your jewelry:) I now care for mom full time, please be patient with me:)  


Grandpa Fred. I miss him every day, still. xoxo