The History of Cake from Los Angeles to Vermont

  • 2001 - Meike (that's me) bought a fishing tackle box, filled it with random gemstones, pearls & silk cord. Had no idea what I'd just gotten myself into. Made a lot of really bad jewelry. I mean mistakes.... but a plethora of  Christmas presents to give away that year!
  • 2002 - A little booth with a table at the Melrose Flea Market.....battling hot 13 hour days with a smile. Metalsmithing classes sparked even more fascination so I sold my photography equipment to to buy the tools needed to dive in and play full time. Heaven.
  • 2003-2005 - A much cuter booth at the Larchmont Farmers Market with nicer customers (many of whom I still know today!)  and much less haggling.
  • 2004 - Air conditioning! The first  store in West Hollywood opens in November, tucked in a courtyard across from the famed Urth Caffe.  Acquired a taste for ridiculously strong coffee and met lots of cool jewelry designers whose work was showcased as well.
  • 2007 - in January - a second location in Los Feliz, just around the corner from Fred 62.  Acquired a taste for deep fried spicy macaroni balls. More designers, and probably the coolest clients in the world.
  • 2008 - (sigh) closed our darling WeHo shop when the new landlord quadrupled our rent (nice guy who bulldozed the neighborhood landmark buildings to put up ugly cinderblock and glass behemoths) but on a positive note, had more time to devote to the Los Feliz location which is where we are happily ensconced until....
  • 2011- In January I relocated the business to Vermont, to be able to spend more time with the elders of my family. Frequent  trips to NYC to explore my favorite gem dealers and occasional ones to Los Angeles for fixes of sunshine keeps the inspiration going. 
  • 2014 - 2017 Website re-launch and finding the perfect location for an arts & crafts gallery in Bennington, VT. Sadly we closed  due to building renovations that would take several years. But, happy to be in my sunlight filled studio where I can still meet with regular customers.
  • 2020 Covid. Whew!  What a year - our prayers and hope for all to come through this healthy and safe!  We are Covid certified, so there will be no cooties on your jewelry:)