Tiny Dancer - 14KTgf - DAB sterling w/texture options

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Tine Dancer because these darlings swing and sway to the rhythm of your beat but will never make you look like a fool on the dance floor. (Unless, of course,  you haven't mastered The Floss)

Our newest hand forged ear wire - chisel hammered front-to-back for maximum (!) sparkle. We know our girls aren't into gaudy bling, so we maintain this will be your new favorite everyday earring. AND every night. 

Earwires are 14kt gold fill, the Argentium sterling dab has 2 options for texture

Comes with our micro clear baby rubber bumpers which tuck up behind your ear. It will be our little secret. No one will ever see them:)

ear wire is aprox 1" long, Dab 1/4" total 1 1/4 inches length.

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