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GLAMPER - Citrine, Bi-color quartz, moonstone

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  • Limited Edition!
  • single band of mixed gems 2.5"
  • on our durable golden brown cord
  • option of sterling or14kt gold fill accent beads/lobster clasp
A glimmer is a tiny glint of light or the sliver of an idea.
a glammer is just a little bit extra...:)
a GLAMPER is a knockout while hiking in the woods and howling a the moon

Rough cut included citrine takes center stage, flanked by bi-color quartz, luminous grey moonstone, raw aquamarine, and hessonite garnet

mixed with several organically shaped sterling beads. 


NOTES: -this necklace can be worn at the base of your neck or a few inches  below, it has a nice weight to it

It's not intended to be worn as a choker high on the neck - trust us it won't be comfortable:)  If you need help picking a length, we'd be happy to help, just drop us a line or phone!

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