stepping stone - 10mm moss agate smooth nugget 36 inches

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BIRTHSTONE: Agates are for Aquarius/Gemini

Stepping Stones

this 36" MOSS AGATE necklace can be worn long as a single or doubled short. There are mixed sterling and 14kt gold fill beads throughout, so you can wear it with other jewelry in either metal. It is on our mega heavy-duty bonded microfiber - shown in golden brown, it is also available in black if you are so inclined!

a warm blend of earthy green/grey toned 10mm smooth nuggets, delightful organic mix of different sizes and hues, for when you want to make a statement. 

(If you need it a few inches shorter/longer -  let us know in the comments section at checkout - no extra charge for altering)

a sturdy sterling/14kt gold fill decorative disquette closure - very secure! (hammering style will vary with availability)


PS our model, ''Ivory Towers'', is life size...and yes she is built like a Victoria's Secret superbabe so certain bits and pieces may appear larger on your monitor...



"Moss Agate is considered to be a stone of abundance. Agriculturists used this gemstone to promote the growth of their crops and to increase their overall health. It is also used as a stone of wealth and for attracting good fortune"

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