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RTS blips - mixed each 16 inches long

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  • one-of-a-kinds!
  • 16" long, on our durable golden brown bonded cord
  • sterling or 14kt gold fill accents and lobster clasp

while experimenting with some new Glimmer and Glammer necklace combinations, we came up with these, which we have named "Blips"  - these are samples, and gems will be listed under each corresponding number, on our signature golden brown bonded multi-filament cord which lets the gem appear to almost ''float'' on your neck, allowing the stones to take center stage


The first image shows them lit from all sides, making them appear much 'brighter' than they are - image on model is truer to form

1 - carnelian, apatite, green tourmaline, zircon, ruby, spinel, white topaz, amethyst (14kt gold fill)
2 - green garnet, white topaz, peridot, hessonite garnet, apatite (14kt gold fill)
3 - tanzanite, green tourmaline, rhodolite garnet, apatite, sapphire, white topaz, labradorite, amethyst, peridot, pink tourmaline, hessonite garnet (sterling) 

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