luxe coin - chrysoprase 10mm

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  • on our durable golden brown microfiber
  • lobster clasp
  • sterling or 14kt gold fill options
  • length options

Chrysoprase - a gemstone variety of chalcedony. This particular totally natural as Mother Nature intended shade of green, with minimal inclusions is rare.  More often than not we are finding, this quality chrysoprase are sold as "natural" but they are dyed:(

Alexander the Great was one of the ''greatest'' admirers of the stone and according to legend, he always kept a Chrysoprase in his girdle for victory in the many battles he fought. Hmmmmm......bet THAT was comfy! 

Since we like to be victorious in out daily "battles", one really can't go wrong with this gem.


TIDBIT PS: We just found out, it is also the name of a Discworld troll....

Chrysoprase is the local godfather (or "Ton") of the Breccia troll organized crime family and owns the troll hotel known as the Gritz and the Cavern nightclub.

Who knew! 

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