EGG - rose cut lapis ER - 18kt

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  • birthstone for September
  • 14mm rose cut* lapis
  • natural, untreated gems
  • on recycled 18kt gold
  • ohhh - also available in sterling in Earthen-Wear collection

these beautiful faceted organic EGG shapes, each one unique are custom cut just for us and we are in LOVE!

this batch of lapis has tiny flecks of pyrite, giving the gems just a little extra twinkle - boop!

each ear wire is gently hammered to give it some added texture 

each pair comes with 2 sets of micro clear rubber bumpers, which slide up the back and tuck behind your ear

 14mm is  a smidge over 1/2"


*What is a rose cut? Originally developed in the 1500's to highlight gemstones which then, were mostly seen and worn in candlelight - they were round with a flat base and a faceted top rising to form an apex with 3 facets or more.  This created gems with more brilliance than seen before (though by todays faceting standards, it is comparatively less so). The rose cut is making a comeback, and expanded into different shapes as well.  With so many unique gems, the appeal of this vintage cut  is a wonderful and simple approach to appreciate the beauty of the stones.

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