Jazz - paddle - marquis labradorite ER

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Jazz is our newest series - combining our cast and forged metals  with gemstones

the pebbled hammered finish gives this organic brass paddle shape shape a bohemian look but with light catching sparkle - we do not treat our brass, so it will have a nice bronzy patina over time, while the remaining elements will maintain a soft gold color - all the better to set off the stunning faceted marquis cut LABRADORITE (approx 6mmx12mm)

hangs about 1 1/2'' off our hand made 14kt gold fill  ear wire (2 " total top to bottom) sterling paddle option also available

We are digging the marquis cut, give an Eye of Horus vibe -  - protection and good health...

**will arrive with our micro rubber bumpers, which slide up and tuck behind the ear**

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