messy bessy - M2 marquis prasiolite

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Icy pale green with a hint of blue in the right light  -  faceted prasiolite marquis cut with our messy bessy bird's nest wrap on top, kind of like your hair after your bare chested lover dragged you up to the loft in the barn for a roll in the hay - wait - that's a book I'm reading....:)

Anyway......where was I.....OH - Did you know Prasiolite is one of the rarest members of the quartz family? Most of it comes from a singular mine in Brazil - but most often (and in this case because who would spend thousands of dollars on a single rock? Never mind - anyway - regular amethyst is heat treated to create this beautiful shade of green. It is mistakenly called "green amethyst" but amethyst is only purple. Cool little tidbit for you.

hangs (approx) 1 1/4"  from our durable microfiber cord, in your choice of black or gold (which blends nicely with most skin tones leaving the attention on the gemstone, which it totally deserves)

Your choice of metal! Sterling, 14kt Gold Fill or Oxidized Sterling And of course length..which we don't charge for!