messy bessy - M2 marquis lapis

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a singular sensation

the color of Persian nights -  faceted lapis lazuli marquis cut with our messy bessy bird's nest wrap on top, kind of like your hair after your bare chested lover dragged you up to the loft in the barn for a roll in the hay - wait - that's a book I'm reading....:) Anyway......where was I.....OH - Did you know the ancient Egyptians  ground this rock so finely it was used as eyelid powder - think Cleopatra.  Cool little tidbit for you.

hangs (approx) 1 1/4"  from our durable microfiber cord, in your choice of black or gold (which blends nicely with most skin tones leaving the attention on the gemstone, which it totally deserves)

Your choice of metal! Sterling, 14kt Gold Fill or Oxidized Sterling And of course length..which we don't charge for!

*due to the composite nature of lapis, we may not be able to control the inclusions - but so you know, pyrite is highly prized in lapis and we will make sure you get an amazing specimen...