flower power - turquoise (chinese-treated)

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BIRTHSTONE: DECEMBER - regularly priced $85

17" and 18" only  in stock - we can make the other lengths to order but will take up to a week to ship

3 smooth chinese turquoise on our signature bonded multi-filament microfiber cord, in a beautiful golden shade that matches most skin tones...

Sterling accents/spring ring clasp:

triplet measures 7/8'' by 1 1/2'' across

sample sale items are not returnable/refundable

The Egyptian use of turquoise stretches back as far as the First Dynasty (3000 BC) and possibly earlier; however, probably the most well-known pieces incorporating the gem are those recovered from Tutankhamun's tomb, most notably the Pharaoh's iconic burial mask which was liberally inlaid with the stone.

Chinese turquoise is often (as this particular piece is) treated with resins and color to stabilize it, as it is otherwise porous and fragile.
While we tend to shy away from ''dyed'' stones, we thought we might have a little summer fling with these...